Exercise Library

Looking to take your workouts home with you, but not sure what exercises to do? Use our exercise library as a guide to help you get the most out of your workouts!

Walking lunge
Forward lunge
Lateral lunge
Reverse lunge
Alternating lunges
Barbell squats
Dumbbell squats
Single Leg squats
Plie squats
Prisoner squats
Walking Lateral squat
Lateral plyo squats
Goblet squats
Stationary single leg step up
Alternating step ups
Full body curls
Hamstring curl machine
Hamstring curls with SB
Hamstring curls single leg w/SB
SB squeezes inner thigh
SB toss
BB stiff leg Deadlifts
DB good morning
Cable good morning
DB stiff leg deadlift with shrug
Single leg deadlift
Wall sits – (timed)
Wall sits alternating single leg lifts
Star reach (single leg)
DB Squat calf raise
Seated calf raise with weight on quads
Standing calf raise
Single leg Calf raise
Toe pulls on wall
Toe pulls seated with band
Jump squats (weighted optional)
Single leg rebound jumps
Split squats
Star jumps
Box jumps
Single leg glute kick
Tuck jumps
Burpies with tuck jump
Burpie lateral bench jump
Lateral bench jump
Lateral bench side steps
Frog Jumps
High knee
Heel to glute
Plyo side squats
back peddle with resistance band
High Skip
DB tricep kickbacks
DB pronated kickbacks
DB supinated kickbacks
DB alternating kickbacks
Straight arm press downs
Cable straight bar circles
Cable single arm kickbacks
Broken t-presses in cable
Dips on bench
Dips at machine
BB close grip presses
DB skull crushers
DB lying tricep pullover
Band press downs
Wide pushups
Narrow pushups
Hindu (dive) bomber pushups
Medicine ball pushups
Incline pushups
Palm release pushups
Single arm push up medicine ball w/palm release
Decline pushups on SB
Decline pushups feet on bench
DB bicep curls
BB bicep curls
Supinated bicep curls
Hammer curls
Zottman curls
Alternating band curls
Isometric band bicep hold
Hammer in supination curl
Supinated bicep curl into hammer
BB wrist curls
BB reverse curls
BB chest press
DB chest press
Single arm DB chest press
Single arm DB press on ball
Single arm DB press on floor
Neutral grip DB press
Alternating DB press
Isometric single arm DB press
Straight arm DB flies
DB flies
Cable flies
Low cable flies
Lateral raises
DB front raises
DB alternating front/lateral raise
Pronated lateral raises
Arch raises
DB shoulder press
BB shoulder press
Arnold press
Alternating DB press
External rotation w/band
Internal rotation w/band
Lat pull downs
Straight arm press down w/v bar
DB straight arm pullovers
Seated row
Single arm cable pulls
Single arm cable pulls low
DB single arm rows
Single arm DB rows knee on bench
Standing reverse flies
Seated reverse flies
Incline reverse flies
Cable reverse flies
Band rows
Band rows high
BB bent over rows
DB bent over rows
Face pull w/rope
Neutral grip pullups
Chin ups