Group Fitness Class Schedule

  • No membership fees, just a drop-in rate of $15 per class.
  • Special Events are $15 per class, unless otherwise noted.
  • No appointment necessary. Come ready to sweat, burn some calories, and have fun doing it!
  • No class is ever the same twice, so you will never get bored! We offer a clean, friendly environment without the pressure and “show” of a big gym. We want you to feel welcome and part of the family!
  • Questions? Please call Michelle (Hart) Rammelsberg at 614-738-3478.
  • Private training sessions also available.  See the Services page for details.
  • Yoga mat rental is available for $5 per class.

Gentle Yoga
Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of breath and basic yoga postures, as well as proper alignment and safe transitions between postures. You will build strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness while calming your mind. This 60 minute class is ideal for beginners and students wanting a refresher course in the basics.
Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water to class. If you do not have a yoga mat, they are available to rent for $5/class.

Barkan Method Inspired Yoga
This challenging class infuses a vinyasa flow with Hot 26 (Bikram) poses. The Barkan Method inspired class is practiced in a heated room to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Consistency practicing this set series will help you see progress in your practice – physically and mentally. For all levels – beginner to advanced.
Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water to class. If you do not have a yoga mat, they are available to rent for $5/class.

Neuro Yoga
We will connect breath to movement. You will gain awareness of your body alignment, posture and breath while connecting it to your mind. This class will also increase your flexibility and balance at the same time releasing stress and anxiety. This class is for, but not limited to anyone with a neurological disorder. Caregivers are encouraged and welcomed. This class will use chairs and use accessories to accommodate all levels.

Vin to Yin
This class merges the best of two worlds. Beginning with a moderate vinyasa flow to warm the muscles and allow energy to begin to flow through the body. The second half of the class will focus on yin poses on the floor more passive poses held longer to stretch the connective tissues helping us to relax into the deepest layers of the body.
Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water to class. If you do not have a yoga mat, they are available to rent for $5/class.

Total Body Bootcamp
This class is a one-stop shop for burning fat, building lean muscle, and maximizing cardiovascular endurance. All levels are welcome. Our instructors will modify moves to give you a total body workout!

Delay the Disease
Advanced Training offers a new, life-changing fitness and mobility program expressly designed for people with Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s Disease fitness program featuring OhioHealth Delay the Disease, the nation’s leading PD exercise program.

Hot Power Yoga
Let your muscles warm up and lengthen in a special room heated by infrared heat to 100º. This class is a mix of yoga, stretching and Pilates. You will challenge your core and flexibility as you burn hundreds of calories. Hot Power Yoga is an awesome all-over workout and a great way to end your week and begin the next. Be prepared to be addicted! Please remember to bring a towel, water, and a yoga mat. Space is limited to the first 25 people, so get here a few minutes early! Bring your own yoga mat or yoga mat rental $5/class.

Slow Flow Yoga
One hour of sequence postures that connect breath and movement. The room is heated by infrared heat to a comfortable 85º. It will energize, strengthen, tone, and connect the mind, body, and spirit! Bring your own yoga mat or yoga mat rental $5/class.

Beginner’s Yoga
Perform basic yoga postures and learn how to connect your breath with your movement. This 60 minute class is ideal for students starting their yoga practice, or for more seasoned students wanting a refresher course in the basics. Heated by infrared heat to 95º. Bring your own yoga mat or yoga mat rental $5/class.

Easy Like Sunday Morning
This class weaves the best of both worlds. The first 30 minutes we will move you gently to warm the body and prepare you for deeper stretches. For the last 45 minutes of class, lying on the floor with tools to get deeper into the muscle and connective tissue of the body. This class is for all levels, tools and modifications will be offered to meet your needs. The room is heated to 95 degrees with infrared. Please bring a towel, mat and water. Mats are available for rent for $5.

Kids Yoga
This 45 Minute class is for ages 9-14. Bring mindfulness and confidence through Kids Yoga. In this class we will introduce classic, fun, traditional poses in a playful way and bring body awareness through breath to movement while increasing strength, flexibility and coordination. Parents are encouraged to leave their children, however not a requirement. Please pick them up on time and remember to bring a mat, towel and water for your young one. Room is non-heated to a traditional 80 degrees Fahrenheit.